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Clean Seas Environment Monitoring Programme

The Clean Seas Environmental Monitoring Programme (CSEMP), previously known as the National Monitoring Plan (NMP) and the National Marine Monitoring Programme (NMMP), was initiated in the late 1980s to ensure that marine monitoring in the UK was undertaken in a co-ordinated way. The Programme aims to detect long-term trends in the quality of the marine environment by collecting high quality, standardised data. The Programme also ensures that the UK meets the Oslo and Paris Commission (OSPAR) monitoring requirements and supports compliance with EC Directives.

We are one of the Competent Monitoring Authorities (CMAs) responsible for the CSEMP. Most samples for the Programme are collected during an annual multidisciplinary cruise in June/July, using RV Cefas Endeavour. Fish, benthos, sediment and water samples are taken from a total of around 45 fixed stations in intermediate and open sea areas around England and Wales. Additional water samples are also collected during the winter months from opportunistic stations to fulfil eutrophication monitoring commitments.

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