RSS feeds

RSS feeds are an easy way for you to keep up to date with Ofsted developments. Rather than having to visit the site to view new articles or resources, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds and have the latest information delivered directly to you.

You can subscribe to the feed in a number of different ways. These include either dragging the orange RSS button into your news reader or by copying and pasting the URLs into your reader.

You can also customise an RSS feed for a specific search term. To do this search for the term you want to subscribe to and on the displayed results select the orange RSS feed icon. This is available on the site wide search and the resources search.

Our website has several feeds already available.

News feed

Subscribe to our News RSS feed to be kept up to date about all Ofsted news.

Resources feed

Subscribe to our Resources RSS feed to be kept up to date about documents published on our website.

ConsultationsĀ feed

Subscribe to our Consultation RSS feed to be kept up to date about Ofsted consultations.

You can also stay up to date by following Ofsted on Twitter.

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