Inspection reports

Outstanding providers

Outstanding providers are those providers who have been judged to have outstanding overall effectiveness in an Ofsted inspection. Some special criteria may apply – for example, if a provider has more than one inspection during the period.

When Ofsted inspects a provider, in most cases the inspector will arrive at a judgement on the standard of the provider. 

The very best providers have been judged to have outstanding overall effectiveness. These are the providers whose work with children, young people and adult learners have been found to be of outstanding quality. These providers can use our outstanding provider logo on stationery and signage, and we also send each outstanding provider a certificate and a letter from Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills. These are normally posted in the month following the publication of the inspection report.

The Outstanding Providers lists are available in the Resources section as Excel spreadsheets. There is a stand-alone latest list and a zip file with all the lists going back to 1993/94.

Each year, Ofsted publishes the full list of outstanding providers for the previous inspection year.

More information on the judgement grades are available on the pages:

Annual Report 2012/13