Part 1 – Care and support

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This Part of the Bill imposes duties on local authorities regarding the provision of care and support relating both to adults who have a need for such care, and carers who have a need for support. Most clauses are designed to cover both adults needing care, and adults who are carers. In some cases, there are separate provisions, and the terms “adult needing care” and “carer” are used as needed.

Please select a clause from the list below :

General responsibilities of local authorities

Meeting needs for care etc

Assessing needs

Imposing charges and assessing financial resources

Who can have their needs met?

What happens after the assessments?

Who can receive direct payments?

Establishing where a person lives, etc.

Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse or neglect

Transition for children to adult care and support, etc

Enforcement of debts



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