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Volume 2

This volume contains the key submissions received and considered by the Commission during the course of its work. The complete body of evidence received by the Commission has been placed in the Public Record Office. Evidence has also been deposited in the Libraries of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Submissions from political parties / fora

1.    Labour Party
2.    Conservative Party
3.    Liberal Democrat Party
4.    Scottish National Party
5.    Liberal Party
6.    Green Party
7.    Northern Ireland Forum for Political Dialogue

Submissions and correspondence from Members of Parliament

1.    Tony Baldry MP
2.    Rt.   Hon Virginia Bottomley MP
3.    Richard Burden MP, including a submission by the
            All Party Parliamentary Group on Electoral Reform

4.    Dale Campbell-Savours MP
5.    Nigel Evans MP
6.    George Foulkes MP
7.    Roger Gale MP
8.    Christopher Gill MP
9.    Llin Golding MP
10.  Donald Gorrie MP
11.  Kelvin Hopkins MP
12.  Tom Levitt MP
13.  Martin Linton MP
14.  Austin Mitchell MP
15.  Rhodri Morgan MP
16.  Peter Pike MP
17.  Andrew Rowe MP
18.  Martin Salter MP and Jonathan Shaw MP
19.  Barry Sheerman MP
20.  Phyllis Starkey MP
21.  Gisela Stuart MP
22.  Sir Teddy Taylor MP
23.  Gareth Thomas MP

Submissions from academics

1.    Report of group of academics chaired by
            David Butler, Nuffield College, Oxford University

2.    Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Brasenose College, Oxford University
3.    Professor Rodney Brazier, University of Manchester
4.    Professor Michael Dummett, Oxford University
5.    Professor Patrick Dunleavy, London School of Economics
            and Dr. Helen Margetts, Birkbeck College

6.    Dr. David Farrell, University of Manchester and
            Dr. Michael Gallagher, Trinity College, Dublin

7.    Professor Ron Johnston and David Rossiter, University of Bristol,
            and Charles Pattie, University of Sheffield

8.    Professor Joni Lovenduski, Southampton University and Dr. Pippa Norris,
            Joan Shorenstein, Centre on the Press, Politics and Public Policy

9.    Professor Iain Mclean, Nuffield College, Oxford University
10.  Professor Philip Norton, University of Hull
11.  Professor Brendan O'Leary, London School of Economics

Submissions from representative / campaigning groups

1.   The Association of Electoral Administrators
2.   Centre for Policy Studies
3.   Charter 88
4.   Democratic Audit, including paper by Professor Ian Budge
5.   Electoral Reform Society
6.   Fawcett Society
7.   Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform

Submissions from commentators

1.   Peter Kellner

Findings of focus groups

1.   Report by NOP Research Group


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Prepared October 1998