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GDS this week: Sprint Share and Performance Platform update

On Thursday 7 November we hosted Sprint Share in Birmingham, the latest of our Sprint events for people in government to share their experiences of transforming UK digital services. Phil Buckley, GOV.UK Performance Platform Product Manager, also gives an update on the most recent releases of performance data for the car tax renewals and Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) services.

Follow Mike Beaven and Phil Buckley on Twitter:

Mike Beaven (Transformation Programme Director): @MichaelCBeaven

Phil Buckley (Performance Platform Product Manager): @philbuckley5

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Digital skills at the very top

An important part of the work we are doing on capability building is making sure that people who will be leading public services in the future really understand what digital by default means; for policy-making and service delivery.

Civil Service Learning (CSL) run a one and a half day residential induction event, called a ‘Basecamp’, for newly appointed deputy directors and directors within the Civil Service a couple of times a year. A few weeks ago we helped CSL with one of these; for the first time it focused on a digital theme. Read more

Co-operating with Korea to put users first

On my recent trip to Korea, I was hugely impressed by the technological innovation on display and by the progress on the digital development of the public sector. That why it was a pleasure yesterday to see GDS host a ceremony for the signing of Memorandum of Understandings between the UK and Republic of Korea.

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Meeting the technology needs of government

We asked Matthew Coats from the Ministry of Justice, to talk about his experience at the first meeting of the Technology Leaders Network

In the Ministry of Justice I’ve already seen the positive impact that doing things a different way can have. We’ve had a great response to our lasting power of attorney beta (one of the 25 digital exemplars), and I’m excited to be building on this success. Last week I went along to the first Technology Leaders Network meeting. It was opened by Francis Maude, the Minister for the Cabinet Office, and chaired by Liam Maxwell, Government CTO.

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Walking the talk in New York

Today is the election for the next Mayor of New York City. Mike Bloomberg cannot stand for a third term, and there are more than a dozen challengers competing to take his place.

Whoever wins, I hope they support the great work that Mike Flowers, Chris Corcoran, Nick O’Brien and their data analytics team have been doing to join up information across the city to improve the way that the city fights fires, reduces crime, and administers child support payments. Read more

GDS goes to Cabinet and the OGP summit

This week Mike Bracken has news of GDS’ presentation to the Cabinet at No.10 and Nayeema Chowdhury talks about sharing GDS’ work at the Open Government Partnership summit.

Follow Mike Bracken on Twitter: @MTBracken

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Better support across government

Today we’ve published the latest quarterly progress report about the work we’ve been doing with departments on the Government Digital Strategy.  It highlights how we have turned our attention to improving services we provide to support departments moving to digital by default ways of working.

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‘Government as a data model’ : what I learned in Estonia

I’ve just got back from a few days in the Republic of Estonia, looking at how they deliver their digital services and sharing stories of some of the work we are up to here in the UK. We have an ongoing agreement with the Estonian government to work together and share knowledge and expertise, and that is what brought me to the beautiful city of Tallinn.

Toompea Castle and Tallinn Old Town

I knew they were digitally sophisticated. But even so, I wasn’t remotely prepared for what I learned. Read more

GDS goes to Cabinet

This morning I attended the weekly meeting of Cabinet ministers at Number 10. I was there to share more about what we’re up to at GDS – and right across the civil service – to make government services simpler, clearer and faster.

We talked about what GOV.UK has already achieved in just a year, how things like the performance platform and the transformation programme are demonstrating the potential of the single domain.

Most encouraging for me though was hearing from ministers just how strongly the principles behind our work have resonated with them. The questions they asked all came from the perspective of ‘What does this mean for users? How does it meet their needs?’

Starting with the needs of users has led to a radical shift in the way we build and provision government services. That’s a huge thing. It means an end to big IT, it means smarter and cheaper services which meet users needs, and it means digital sitting at the heart of teams all around government. Read more

GDS this week

This week we have three quick updates on work that’s been going on at GDS recently. Brij Thakrar talks about how we’re training people to write for GOV.UK, Allon Lister introduces the Carer’s Allowance public beta and Amy Whitney explains how we’re updating tools for businesses on GOV.UK.

Follow Brij, Allon and Amy on Twitter:

Brij @TickThak

Allon @allonlister

Amy @amosie

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