Helping people to recover

The NHS will help people recover from episodes of ill-health or injury, such as after a stroke or other emergency or a planned operation, so that they can regain their independence as quickly as possible.

Every year, millions of people rely on the NHS to help them through a spell of ill health or injury, through effective treatment and then help in recovering quickly and regaining independence. Supporting people to recover and regain their independence is not something the NHS can achieve alone, but requires better partnership with patients, families and carers, social services and other agencies.

Because standards are high overall, most people assume all NHS services are equally good. Yet there are huge and unwarranted differences in quality and results between services across the country.

The NHS Commissioning Board is being asked to highlight these differences and unacceptable practices, to inspire and help people to learn from the best.

This includes ensuring greater equality between access to mental and physical health services and improving transparency so the NHS leads the world in the availability of information about the quality of services.

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