Helping people manage ongoing physical and mental health conditions

The NHS will help people manage their ongoing physical and mental health conditions such as dementia, diabetes, and depression so that they can stay independent and have a better quality of life, and so that care is joined up across GP surgeries, district nurses and midwives, care homes and hospitals

We want to empower and support people living with long term conditions. One in three people is living with at least one chronic condition, such as hypertension, diabetes or depression.

The NHS Commissioning Board’s is being asked to make measurable progress towards making the NHS among the best in Europe at supporting people with ongoing health problems to live healthily and independently, with much better control over the care they receive.

This includes involving people more indecisions about their own care, furthering the use of technology to help people manage their conditions, providing coordinated care for people who are using a number of different services and making progress with the diagnosis, treatment and care of those with dementia.

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