Helping people live longer

The NHS is being asked to reduce the number of early deaths from those illnesses that can be prevented through better early diagnosis and treatment, such as cancer and heart disease, so that more people can enjoy a long and healthy old age

Too many people die too soon from illnesses that can be prevented or treated – from cancer, liver and lung disease. And for babies and young children, England’s rates of premature mortality are worse than those in many other European countries. There are also persistent inequalities in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between communities.

Our ambition is for England to become one of the most successful countries in Europe at preventing premature deaths, and the NHS Commissioning Board is being asked to make measurable progress towards this ambition in the next three years.

This includes:

  • earlier diagnosis of illness
  • ensuring that everyone has the same access to the best available care
  • reducing unjustified variation in avoidable mortality between hospitals
  • focusing on preventing illness, with staff using every contact they have with people as an opportunity to help people stay in good health.

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