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Infrastructure sector in Bangladesh

The large and diverse Bangladesh infrastructure sector offers a very interesting mix of opportunities to overseas companies.

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13.08.13 Mass transport sector in Brazil

A BRL 443 billion investment is being made into Brazilian port, road, rail, urban mobility and airport projects until 2016 offering opportunities for UK companies with relevant expertise.

30.07.13 Railway sector in France

The French railways sector is large and growing. Appetite for rail transport is increasing and the government is undertaking a large scale network modernisation programme offering opportunities for UK companies.

29.07.13 Railway sector in Greece

Opportunities for UK companies to arise from Greek railway service operator privatisation and subsequent modernisation/upgrading.

25.07.13 Rail sector in Russia

The Russian Railways development programme, rolling stock modernisation programme, metro development and reconstruction of the Moscow transport hub all offer major opportunities for UK companies with rail expertise.

26.06.13 Railways sector in Mexico

With private companies now in control of the operation of most railways, Mexico is experiencing a railway revolution.

11.04.13 Railway Sector in Singapore

Latest overview of the Railways market

14.02.13 Transport and Infrastructure sector in Ireland

Not withstanding constrained resources, land, sea and air transport and infrastructure, although much improved over recent years, continue to remain a priority capital area for maintenance, improvement and further development by the Irish Government.

04.01.13 Emerging Europe opportunities in the Railways sector

The Emerging Europe region, comprising 10 markets and 110 million consumers, offers extensive opportunities across the rail sector. The markets are low-risk, close to home with all offering considerable long-term growth potential for UK businesses.

03.12.12 Moscow public transport opportunities in Russia

Moscow Administration plans to start a major overhaul and modernisation of its public transport systems spending over £44Bn on transport development during the period 2012-2016.