Partners and families

Minimum income threshold for family migrants

The Home Office will continue to put on hold decisions on some spouse/partner and child settlement visa and leave to remain applications.

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This section explains how non-European nationals can come to or remain in the UK as the partners, children and elderly dependent relatives of people who are already in the UK or are coming here in a different category.

It also explains:

  • how you can get married or register a civil partnership in the UK;
  • the help and advice you can get if you think you are at risk of forced marriage;
  • what you can do if you are experiencing domestic violence; and
  • what to do if your relationship with your partner permanently breaks down.

The information in this section is not for nationals of countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. EEA nationals have free movement rights in the EEA, including the UK, but their family members who are not EEA nationals may need to apply for an EEA family permit before coming to the UK. The European nationals section contains more information.

Family members of British citizens and settled persons

Find out how you can come to the UK with a view to settling here if you are the partner, child or elderly dependent relative of a British citizen or someone who is settled or settling here.

Family members of migrant workers and students

Information for the partners and dependent children of migrants who have temporary (limited) permission to stay in the UK.

Reuniting asylum seekers with their families

The UK Border Agency's family reunion programme.

Marriage and civil partnership

How to get married or registering a civil partnership in the UK, whether you are coming for a short visit or planning to stay here.

Forced marriage

Support and advice for people who have been or are at risk of being forced into marriage.

Domestic violence

Support and advice for people who have come to the UK and are experiencing domestic violence from a partner or other family member.

If your relationship ends

What to do if you are a British citizen or settled person and you end your relationship with someone who currently has permission to enter or remain in the UK as your partner.