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What we’re doing

The government is supporting people who care about their communities and want to get involved in improving them. It believes that people understand the needs of their area best, which is why it is transferring power so people can make more decisions locally and solve their own problems to create strong, attractive and thriving neighbourhoods.


  1. Bomber Command crews honoured by New Zealand

    • published 20 September 2013
    • News story
  2. Bringing people together through the arts

    • published 20 September 2013
    • Press release
  3. Lottery Distribution Fund Account 2012-2013

    • published 19 September 2013
    • Corporate report


  1. Supporting the library services provided by local authorities and making sure there is a national collection of published material

    Making sure that libraries can meet the needs of their local communities, and using the legal deposit system to preserve published information for future research.

  2. Helping troubled families turn their lives around

    We're working with local authorities and their partners to help solve and prevent troubled families' problems in the long term

  3. Giving people more power over what happens in their neighbourhood

    We're giving local communities new rights so that local people can come together to influence public services and planning decisions.

  4. Bringing people together in strong, united communities

    We're promoting social integration in communities to create the conditions for everyone to live and work successfully alongside each other.

  5. Improving the child maintenance system

    Increasing the number of children who benefit from effective maintenance arrangements and improving collaboration between separated parents.

  6. Helping to reduce poverty and improve social justice

    How the government is working to help people overcome complex problems that lead to poverty, to help them change the course of their lives

  7. Improving social mobility to create a fairer society

    How the government is working to improve social mobility and outcomes for people in the early years of life, during school and into adult life.

  8. Making it easier to set up and run a charity, social enterprise, or voluntary organisation

    Helping to create growth in the charity sector by increasing the support and skills available, and changing current rules and regulations

  9. Promoting social action: encouraging and enabling people to play a more active part in society

    Enouraging social action by making it easier for people to volunteer, to donate to charity and to help improve their local community

  10. Marking relevant national events and ceremonies

    Making sure we celebrate and commemorate important dates as a nation.

  11. Ensuring the future of the universal postal service and Post Office network services

    How the government is making sure there will always be a universal postal service.

  12. Making sure the National Lottery operates effectively and that funding for good causes is distributed properly

    How we regulate the National Lottery to fund good causes, and how we decide how the money is spent and publish how it is distributed.

  13. Growing the social investment market

    How government is making it easier for social ventures to grow by increasing the amount of available funding sources.


  1. Lottery Distribution Fund Account 2012-2013

    • 19 September 2013
    • Corporate report
  2. Youth Social Action Fund: call for ideas

    • 17 September 2013
    • Guidance
  3. Consultation on Payroll Giving

    • 13 September 2013
    • Consultation outcome

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  1. Bomber Command crews honoured by New Zealand

    • 20 September 2013
    • News story
  2. The Olympic and Paralympic legacy

    • 20 September 2013
    • News article
  3. Bringing people together through the arts

    • 20 September 2013
    • Press release

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