Care and support workers

People who work in care and support are absolutely essential to enable us to deliver better care and support, and make sure that people are treated with dignity and respect. We want to develop an empowered, confident and capable workforce that is able to support more integrated and personalised approaches to care.

We will:

  • create a National Leadership Forum to develop the pool of senior, strategic and frontline leaders, and make sure that workers in the health and social care sectors work together
  • appoint a Chief Social Worker by the end of 2012 to lead the profession
  • define better the career prospects and available qualifications in social care, to recruit more talented and able people into the profession and help us retain good staff for longer
  • work with professional and educational bodies to double the number of apprenticeships in social care over the next 5 years, to attract more skilled workers into the profession
  • expand the current Care Ambassador Scheme
  • develop a new online tool to support recruitment
  • place dignity and respect at the heart of new national minimum training standards and a code of conduct for those working in care
  • reduce the administrative burden on social workers and other care professionals by making social care law clearer

See the Workforce page.


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