Care providers

To improve the quality of care and help people choose between different providers, every registered social care provider will have a ‘quality profile’ on Over time, we will make it easier for people to give feedback and compare quality, which will also allow care providers to see when and where people are happy with the service they provide and highlight potential areas for improvement.

The new legal framework, set out in the draft Care and Support Bill, will set out local authorities’ role in managing and stimulating the market for care and support services. The priorities will be promoting a variety of high quality services and providers, acting to ensure sustainability in the market and supporting continuous improvement.

Integration will play a big part in the social care system allowing a better continuity between the NHS and social care providers. The draft Bill includes provisions that require local authorities to integrate care and support. Local authorities will also be required to co-operate with other organisations working locally, in order to promote wellbeing, improve quality and protect safety. The decision about a care package should fit seamlessly around a person’s needs, and not what a care provider feels is an adequate amount of care.

We will work with care providers, commissioners, people who use services and carers to prevent commissioning of care visits that are too short.

We will also consult later this year on central oversight of the social care market, with continuity of care – not the provider – being the core principle.

The new legal framework will also clarify local authorities’ duty to make sure no-one is left homeless or without care if a provider fails.

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