Peter Hay – creating a more diverse and responsive care market

In his first video blog, Peter Hay talks about creating a more diverse and responsive care market.

In the video Peter covers the following:

  • How we shape the social care service
  • What does a market look like in care
  • What is the difference between markets and customer behaviour, and where the balance should be
  • How to deal with failure in providers


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2 Responses to Peter Hay – creating a more diverse and responsive care market

  1. Helen Daly says:

    We were discussing some of these issues at our Regional Families Forum in the East of England last week. Our families and people often use and need care agencies to support assessment, recruitment, training, coordination, monitoring and supervision, payroll and dispute resolution etc. However, they are concerned that often the service falls short – and pay, training and service are minimual while cost is maximinised. It would be easy to transfer Winterbourne and Southern Cross from residentail to industrialised community care. It has always been argued that care in the community equals a social model of care – without a huge cultural change we will just transfer the old model to the new setting. With poor staff moral, low wages, poor training and development. The integrity of the business model used will also be of relevance.
    A couple of other areas also promted discussion – the inclusion of a lifelong commitment to a meaningful life and human right for personal development – ie care beyond having a clean bottom and nose wipe.
    The other area of concern was the training and supervision around health needs in the community. Again discussion around models of care have often been confused with medical and social are models being used to incorrectly – as a means to determine a cost centre rather than an approach to care. The result has been too little supervsion, training and support for complex medical conditions and too much reliance on minimum waged poorly educated and trained community care support. Some of which is well meant.

    • GERALD says:

      Dear Helen

      As I am one of those poorly educated people you mention i really find it difficult to understand what you are trying to say, could you put it into plain English.
      I really would be interested in what a person such as you has to say about this very complex issue.particularly how you think your ideas could be funded.
      Bye the way all of the 400,000 residents in Care Homes and their families do seem to be reasonably happy otherwise they would surely be taking their custem elsewhere or staying at Home where the Social Services would like them to be (much cheaper didnt you know.

      Yours sincerely

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