Alex Fox – who said it was all about choice?

In the latest post on his own blog, Alex Fox discusses to what extent individuals’ choices are important in the care they receive.

More blogs are available on his site.


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  1. dani is my name says:

    what next

    • Dipika says:

      ,cure ineemtda and at the mmonet there is no bright future for ineemtda sufferers but what action are you expecting Mr. Burstow to take? It sems to me that care workers need much higher pay and MUCH more training in ineemtda care.. I know little about it and the little I know comes from meeting people with ineemtda. I, like many others, hope it does not happen to me but if it does I know the future is not good but I don’t know what action Mr. Burstow could be expected to take. I just hope I will still be loved or that I can still love who ever has ineemtda.What would you like to see happen ,John?

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