17 November – 2 December workshops: Easy Read summary

An Easy Read summary has been produced about the four workshops that took place with the discussion leaders and reference group members from 17 November – 2 December.

This summary includes information on:

  • why we need to reform the social care system
  • why the workshops took place
  • what people have told us about why we need to change social care, how we can make it better and which changes we should make first.

Read the Easy Read summary.

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2 Responses to 17 November – 2 December workshops: Easy Read summary

  1. Sue Talbot says:

    Do you really call this a consultation?
    I’ve been a carer for my parents since 2005; a social worker since 1989 and a social work educator since 1997. I follow and read Skills for Care, CWDC, SWRB, Community Care websites and am a member of BASW, yet still this escaped me.
    Consultation has to start from where people are. Why didn’t you write, email and/or telephone everyone who is currently receiving care services, or is an identified carer? Then at least you might have been able to claim a genuine intention to consult.

    • webteam-rr says:

      Hi Sue – You can still comment and send your suggestions via this website. These are still being fed into the discussion group leads and to the Care services Minister. We would welcome your contribution to the discussion.

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