Caring for our future statistics

The Caring for our future engagement ran from 15 September until 2 December. It saw numerous discussions taking place across the country, and the Department of Health is currently working through all of the feedback that was submitted.

In total:

  • over 260 engagement events took place
  • more than 615 separate responses were submitted, in the form of letters, independent reports, feedback forms and website comments
  • over 13,000 people visited this website

The Department is now continuing to work with the discussion leaders and reference group members to develop policy recommendations for the White Paper and the progress report on funding that will be published in spring 2012.

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  1. C.J.Niblett says:

    I am the 67yr old sole carer for a 95 yr old father, we have almost no family left and rely on outside care help which until earlier this year was from local government but now is switched to a private organisation. We have gone from a superb caring system to a money making system, the ladies are quite good with my father but the organisation and management behind them is total rubbish, we get no continuity of carers, never the same times, it is a complete fiasco. My father is lucky that he has me to shout for him when needed but there must be many old ,vunerable and frightened people out there who have no one,

    Why does not someone out there listen to us, people should not be treated in this way, surely there should be some respect for old age.

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