Developing a transformed care and support system

David Behan – Director General of Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships gives a video blog update on the progress made during the engagement the DH has been running in relation to the future of the care and support system.

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  1. Pearl Baker says:

    Firstly i was the carer representative on the Mental Health National Service Framework. I have over 30 years of experience of Mental Health Advocacy and Advisory, and would like to make the following comments on Section 117 aftercare at this present time, although the Mental Capacity Act 2005 code of practice ia another source of concern.

    Section 117 aftercare, and when to discharge from this section is a contenious issue.

    My survey through the Freedom of information of three Authorities (LA) Health and GP yet to come back with their response, show that there is wide discrepencies between all three.

    The report by the Law Commission makes no reference to he part of the Department of Work and Pensions Contribution to the Mentally Ill.

    The LA and Healthcare Trust state, that if the person is stable, and not a ‘danger to themselves or others’ they would consider discharging them from this section!! If a person was a danger to themselves or others they would be in hospital.

    Having specialized in Welfare Benefits. I would like to make a recommmendation that would finally resolve this issue once and for all.

    The Disability Living Allowance is an award based on their disability
    It is based on care and mobility. The care side of the DLA confirms that the patient needs care and supervision throughtout the day and sometimes night for their mental health difficulties. (Not that they receive) but should.

    The above award is often made for life, indefinately, or time.

    LA Appointee/Deputy often apply for this award.

    It would seem illogical to discharge from Section 117 when in receipt of the above award, which is mostly based on a fluctuating illness.

    I would sugget that the whole concept of discharge from Section 117 could easily be resolved by the patient being in receipt of DLA alone, without looking at other issues.

    The recommendtion in the Law Commissition Report is not clear enough as to when NOT to discharge from Section 117.

    There are serious problems with who is responsible for what from the various Authorities, indeed GP involvement rarely mentioned.

    There should be further discussion with people like myself, who work with a difficult system, but could provide a great deal of import.

    Section 117 Aftercare is about on-going care. Not about STABILITY. Little thought is being given to this terminology. The whole idea of Aftercare is to recognise that the care provided in the community helps to keep that person out of hospital, this is on=going on not about STABILITY The above must be addressed urgently before the wrong interrupretation of Section 117 discharge is used for the benfit of COST.

    I support many carer, who are finding life very difficult, no clear information is given to them when Section 117 Aftercare is implemented.

    I would like to see a ‘folder’ given to each individual involved with the above process.

    This would start at the first Aftercare meeting.

    CPA forms given to all present.

    Carer or nearest Relative offered An Assessment.

    Crisis Contact Number

    Date and time of next meeting including venue suitability to the client and Carer if appropriate.

    Medication, who to contact with side effect issues.

    Crisis Cared given to Patient with time of next meeting with Psychiatrist/CPNor Social Worker Telephone numbers included.

    ‘key’ worker name and contact number.

    Welfare benefit issue, including the ‘key’ worker responsibility of helping to identify various Benefits that can be applied for and helping in the completion of these forms.

    Who is responsible for Accommodation costs. Insufficient sutiable accommodation is availabe across the whole country. Patients are place in inappropriate accommodation for their needs.

    Two Authorities state they only pay for Specific Accommodation, but could not tell what this means.

    It would appear that the interrpretaion by the LA and Health is that ‘Specific’ accommodation does not mean any old accommodation found for these clients that is totally unsuitable. This is discrimination through COST again.

    The above form filling would include the right for a Carer to apply for the Carers Allowance if appropriate.

    I was funded by the LA to help with Welare Benefit issues and the Health Authority to produce a Crisis Card.

    I worked across the Country providing Advocacy and Advisory.

    There is still much to do before the Law Commission Recommendations are implemented. We still need to look at other issues surrounding Carers.

    I hope you find this very long comment useful.

    Good Luck

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