Andrew Lansley on the white paper – video

In this video the Secretary of State, Andrew Lansley makes the following points:

  • Today we are publishing our proposals for how we can reform care and support
  • We all recognise that there has been a system that has tended to just be for the moment of crisis, and a service which has tended to be complex, confusing and unfair.
  • In the white paper we set out how we can have a service in which: people can rely upon wherever they are in the country, is quality because we give people the feedback on the care providers available, we boost the workforce in terms of numbers and training, we give people more choice and control to make decisions about their own care
  • We want people to be able to plan and prepare ahead. We support the principles of Andrew Dilnott’s report.
  • We are going to implement a system of deferred payments. We are going to make a decision about how that can best be paid for in the future.
  • We can do much through the white paper to reform the legislation, and the quality of service provide, so that people feel they have a care and support system that provides reassurance people need about what would happen to them if they become frail and vulnerable in the future.
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2 Responses to Andrew Lansley on the white paper – video

  1. M.A.Johnson says:

    Good idea. I am 75yrs. of age, and I often think about what is going to happen to me in the future, as unfornutunately Ihave no children, only a very good brother.

  2. john simnett says:

    I see this goverment has totally ignored the recommendations of the Dilnot Report that care fees be capped at a reasonable level. Why are you so tight when you are asked to support the old and frail in our society, people who have paid taxes for their whole working lives – the bankers are still taking obscene salaries bankrolled by our subsidies, a tiny fraction of which would pay for full implementation of this report! This is political cowardice of the worst kind.
    My mother died in January aged 97, having spent tens of thousands on “care” services. She was really pleased last year when I told her the content of the Dilnot report and thought it very fair that any costs were capped at some sensible level, if not for her then for future generations.
    Last year ministers gave the impression that only the level of the cap was in doubt. We were obviously taken for mugs yet again. In future, after many years of loyalty, I and I hope many thousands of other people will not be voting for a party that obviously cannot be trusted to do the right thing.