Current and new system flowchart – infographic

This infographic shows how the new care and support system will promote wellbeing and independence to reduce the risk of people reaching a crisis point, and how this differs from the current system.

Current and new system flowchart infographic

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One Response to Current and new system flowchart – infographic

  1. bradley carter says:

    I Note with interest that in your document titled “Caring for our future:
    progress report on funding reform”, That the word “carer” is mentioned 12 times throughout the document and the word “afford” 15 times.
    My question is this: Is this a document aimed at helping all those involved in care, or just a financial excuse explaining why we must wait another couple of years until anything happens ?

    Why not treat Dementia like Cancer ? Why do cancer victims get treatment and looked after by the NHS whilst victims of Dementia are left to either die alone or forced to pay for their own treatment in a nursing home ?

    Leave Dementia to the NHS and give them extra money to do it with.