Supporting carers

For the first time, carers will be entitled to support to help them with their caring role and to help them balance caring with the rest of their life. These changes are set out in the draft Care and Support Bill, so they will come into effect when this Bill becomes law.

Carers’ assessments

Carers will have a right to an assessment to decide if they need support. The main difference from the current rules is that carers won’t have to be providing a substantial amount of care regularly to be entitled to an assessment. The assessment must be available to all carers and should concentrate on their needs and outcomes and on the carer’s ability, including their willingness, to provide and to continue to provide care for the person they care for. It should consider whether the carer works, or wants to work, and/or spend time in education, training or leisure time.

Support for carers

In the current system, local authorities can provide support to carers, but they aren’t required to do so. And the support given to carers – and how what they are entitled to is worked out – varies from one local authority to another. The new legal framework, set out in the draft Bill, means that if carers are eligible for support for particular needs, they will have a legal right to receive support for those needs, just like the people they care for. This means that carers will have the same entitlement to support across all local authorities in England.

See the Carers page.

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