Paul Burstow attends ‘care bank’ launch

Last week the Minister of State for Care Services, Paul Burstow, attended the launch of the CareBank pilot at the WRVS York Centre in Maidenhead. During his visit, he met local authority representatives and was shown the new online system that will be supporting the scheme.

In this video, recorded at the launch event, Paul Burstow says:

  • this scheme is about people sharing their time and skills to help each other. This visit included meeting a volunteer who is offering befriending services to someone with learning disabilities, who is a volunteer for the scheme herself.
  • CareBank is about giving and receiving services. Many people who use services also want to contribute, and can contribute.
  • this pilot will help us learn how this sort of idea can be scaled up and applied elsewhere.
  • this type of work is about adding to what social services do, rather than replacing. It is part of focusing more on early interventions and prevention, to enable people to live the life they want to live for longer.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing how we can apply this sort of work in our thinking for the White Paper in the spring.
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2 Responses to Paul Burstow attends ‘care bank’ launch

  1. Jon says:

    “Being diagnosed with ineemtda won’t make the condition worse but leaving it untreated will. We can’t cure ineemtda, but we can keep the person we love for longer” Yes Mr Burstow, but what future are you holding out for them ? Action not words, Mr. Burstow.Come on John, you are not being fair. Mr Burstow cannot , as he says,cure ineemtda and at the moment there is no bright future for ineemtda sufferers but what action are you expecting Mr. Burstow to take? It sems to me that care workers need much higher pay and MUCH more training in ineemtda care.. I know little about it and the little I know comes from meeting people with ineemtda. I, like many others, hope it does not happen to me but if it does I know the future is not good but I don’t know what action Mr. Burstow could be expected to take. I just hope I will still be loved or that I can still love who ever has ineemtda.What would you like to see happen ,John?

    • James says:

      I wouldn’t call this heretaning. I’d call it a national disgrace and a desperately sad day for this country. This abomination of a bill got through because Lib Dems voted for it. They voted for selling their soul for the illusion of influence. They’ve been hopelessly outplayed, and at the one point where they could have truly done something in the national interest they betrayed the people who voted for them and they betrayed the people of this country.Democracy? We don’t have one any more. The Lib Dems have proven themselves to be just as craven and immoral as everyone else. Democracy is dead. Universal access to education is dead, the NHS has been declared terminal, and the Lib Dems have presided over the vilification of the poor, the disabled and the vulnerable.Hardly heretaning. More like heart-breaking.

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