When will the changes to the care and support system happen?

Some changes will take longer than others. We can say when some of the changes are going to happen, but for others we can’t provide specific dates at the moment. For changes set out in the draft Care and Support Bill, for example, these won’t come into effect until the Bill has become an Act of Parliament.

By the end of 2012 we will have:

  • appointed a Chief Social Worker
  • consulted on a new power for safeguarding adults
  • set up Healthwatch England, the new consumer champion organisation for both health and social care
  • referred an initial list of topics for social care quality standards to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)
  • published a Social Care Leadership Qualities Framework to complement the existing NHS Leadership Framework
  • banned age discrimination in the NHS and care and support system

In 2013:

  •  there will be 1 website, nhs.uk, bringing together information on the NHS, social care and public health in 1 place for the first time
  • quality profiles will be available online for every care provider in England
  • everyone needing state-funded care will be offered a personal budget as part of their care and support plan
  • we will set up local Healthwatch
  • we will create a Leadership Forum for social care
  • NICE will start to develop a library of quality standards and guidance to improve the quality of care and support
  • we will publish a code of conduct and minimum training standards for care workers
  • we will pilot the extension of the NHS 111 telephone service to provide advice on care and support
  • we will open the £200 million capital fund for specialist housing

In 2014-2015 we will:

  • provide £32.5 million of start up funding to support local authorities to develop better online information about local care and support options and services such as self-assessments

From April 2015 we will:

  • introduce a national minimum eligibility threshold for care and support in England
  • introduce Universal Deferred Payments, which means that no-one will have to sell their home in their (or their spouse’s) lifetime to pay for care costs


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