‘Longer Lives’ website reveals local variations in avoidable death rates

 The Health Secretary recently announced the launch of  a new website ‘Longer Lives’ which allows people to easily see how their local area is performing on early deaths from the five major killers – cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease and liver disease.

The site aims to drive public awareness and boost council action to tackle public health problems. Using a traffic-lights system it ranks areas showing those performing above average in tackling avoidable deaths as green, and exposes the worst that are lagging behind and need to do more as red.

Developed by Public Health England at the request of the Health Secretary, it contains a range of data that for the first time allows people to easily compare an area’s mortality performance against those with similar populations, incomes and levels of health.

The data will provide local authorities with information to help them understand their own position and better target efforts to improve public health. Along with the evidence, the site offers examples of best practice and NICE guidance to help inspire action. Longer Lives, simultaneously available on NHS Choices and Gov.UK, is the first data to be rolled out as part of the Government’s plans to provide the public and health professionals with clear accessible information on how health and care services are doing in improving health outcomes wherever we live. Future data will include breakdowns for infant mortality, respiratory disease and some of the most common cancers.

Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt launching the Longer Lives site on a visit to Lambeth

Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt launching the Longer Lives site on a visit to Lambeth



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