What is the Dilnot Commission?

The Dilnot Commission, was an independent panel that was set up to look at the fairest and most sustainable way to fund social care.

The Dilnot Commission published recommendations on how to share costs between the state and individuals in July 2011. Its two key proposals for reforming the way in which people pay for their care and support were:

  • to put a cap on the lifetime care costs that people face, and raise the threshold at which people lose means-tested support
  • to provide universal access to deferred payments for people in residential care

The government published a progress report on funding in July 2012 setting out its response.

In the report, the government agreed that the principles of the Commission’s model would be the right basis for any new funding model. The progress report also committed to introducing a Universal Deferred Payments scheme to make sure that no-one will be forced to sell their home in their (or their spouse’s) lifetime to pay for care.

The new measures announced on social care funding model the recommendations of the Dilnot Commission.

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