The Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant (EMAG) was set up to narrow achievement gaps for pupils from those minority ethnic groups who are at risk of underachieving and to help meet the particular needs of bilingual pupils.

From April 2011, a number of grants – including EMAG - are being mainstreamed into the dedicated schools grant.  Whilst EMAG will no longer continue as a separate ring-fenced grant, we are maintaining last year’s funding levels during 2011-12.  With the agreement of schools forums, Local Authorities may retain a portion of the funding to continue running centralised EMA services for schools.  Where allocations are small enough not to warrant devolution, and Schools Forums agree, it also is possible for local authorities to retain the whole amount centrally.

The resources on this page provide practical advice and case studies on local authorities and schools can use the EMAG most effectively to support bilingual pupils and minority ethnic pupils at risk of underachieving.