The REACH Regulation

Find out what you need to do, when you have to do it and the importance of pre-registering the chemicals you produce or import .

These pages provide an overview of the REACH Regulation.

The UK REACH Competent Authority, based within Health and Safety Executive (HSE), provides more detailed information on their website:

Our role

The Environment Agency is a REACH enforcing authority. Our role in REACH is carried out by the following departments:

Chemical Assessment Unit

Our Chemical Assessment Unit works in partnership with the UK Competent Authority (HSE). It assesses environmental hazards and risks from the manufacture, use and disposal of industrial and consumer chemicals.

Chemical Compliance Team

Our Chemical Compliance Team monitors and enforces compliance with marketing and use restrictions where there is a threat to the environment, or to human health through exposure to the environment.

We also share information and work with other authorities to monitor and enforce compliance with other REACH provisions in England and Wales.

We have prepared a briefing note with more information about the Chemical Compliance Team:

The Chemical Compliance Team's Annual Enforcement Report for 2012-2013 is now available on our Publications Catalogue in both summary and full report formats. You can access these documents by using the links below:

Enforcement reports from previous years are available on this page: