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Serious Crime Analysis Section (SCAS)

The SCAS team of crime analysts and specialist police staff analyses rape and serious sexual assaults and motiveless or sexually motivated murder cases.

Linking serious sexual crime - nationally

The Serious Crime Analysis Section (SCAS) was created in 1998 to identify the potential emergence of serial killers and serial rapists at the earliest stage. Since then it has developed more services for investigators of serious crime.

SCAS receives case files from a network of contact officers employed in intelligence departments in every police force in the UK.

To carry out the complex casework, the team codes the information onto a single database - ViCLAS (Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System), a system developed in Canada by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  The coding is a painstaking process and is carried out by highly trained assistant crime analysts.

The crime analyst’s report will identify if there are grounds to believe that the offender has previously been identified. It will provide a breakdown of the behaviour exhibited, often with a statistical descrip!ion of some of the elements involved. This can alert an investigator to the importance of some aspects of the offence not immediately apparent.

SCAS is responsible for identifying good practice, so the analyst’s report may contain investigative suggestions that guide the officer to a specific line of enquiry not yet considered. The report may also suggest possible suspects that the unit has identified from various databases.

When a prime suspect is identified and charged with an offence, senior analysts are able to provide specialist evidence in court, to assist with the prosecution.

Academic Research

The tactical work carried out by SCAS evolves constantly and uses the latest crime research. The team assists some academic researchers wishing to carry out research into serious crime on the understanding that the results of their research are made directly available to assist the analysis of serious crime by its specialists.

SCAS now has an academic board and has set research protocols outlining how it can assist researchers and what its research interests are.

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