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Working in partnership

Serious organised crime is a global enterprise which crosses national and international borders. Its roots are often abroad, outside UK jurisdiction. Within the UK, there is no single crime type for which SOCA has sole responsibility.

This means that in every area of our business, at home and overseas, partnership working is essential to how we operate. We do not compete with our partners. Our aim is to work collaboratively to achieve more together.

Our partners

SOCA’s partners range from law enforcement agencies to government departments, private sector companies and victim support groups. Click on the links to find out how we work with national and international partners.

  • National partnerships – police forces and Police & Crime Commissioners, government and other public sector bodies, law enforcement agencies, private companies and more
  • International partnerships – including European and global law enforcement agencies
  • Devolved administrations - how SOCA works with government and law enforcement in Northern Ireland and Scotland