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One of the first steps towards combating organised crime and reducing its impact on the UK is understanding the various threats involved. This information helps us tackle these threats effectively.

The United Kingdom Threat Assessment (UKTA) describes and assesses the threats posed to the UK by organised criminals and considers how these threats may develop. It is published by the Home Office on behalf of the UK law enforcement community and government departments.

How we categorise organised crime

Defining organised crime in terms of specific threats is a practical way of understanding and tackling it.

While some organised criminals may specialise in a particular criminal trade, many are entrepreneurial and opportunistic by nature. Significant numbers of crime groups, especially the larger, more established ones, are involved in two or more profit-making criminal activities.

The one threat on this list which is common to nearly all significant groups of organised criminals is money-laundering.

The threats the UK faces from organised crime

Here are links to the other pages in this section:

Drugs - the Class A drugs trade and the illegal drugs market in the UK.

Money laundering - how criminals 'clean' their dirty money.

Fraud - how government, businesses and individuals all suffer the effects.

Human trafficking - the movement of illegal immigrants for exploitation within the UK.

Organised crime groups - what they are and how they are formed.

People smuggling - transporting illegal immigrants into the UK.

Identity crime - how criminals use false identities and documents.

Firearms - the use of guns by organised criminals.

Cyber crime - crimes committed through the use of information communication technology

Intellectual property crime - the counterfeiting and piracy of goods.

Counterfeit currency - the latest trends.

Kidnap and extortion - a serious concern, both in the UK and worldwide.

Organised acquisitive crime - commodity related criminality, armed robbery and vehicle crime

You can also read the latest UK Threat Assessment (765.62 kb PDF)

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