Video diaries from national learning programme for health and wellbeing boards

Members of the health and wellbeing board accelerated learning set programme recorded video diaries at a recent national learning and sharing event.

Each learning set was asked to deliver a short video on the themes, issues and challenges being discussed within their groups, their expectations for the event, and anticipated outcomes and achievements going forward.

The videos illustrate the vital work being done within the individual learning sets and how it will ultimately benefit health and wellbeing boards.

Set A: Improving the health of the population (Dr. Peter Marks)

Set B: Bringing collaborative leadership to major service reconfiguration (Dr. Karen West)

Set C: Creating effective governance arrangements (Ian Anderson)

Set D: How do we ‘hard wire’ public engagement into the work of the board? (Dr. Tony Baxter)

Set E: Raising the bar on Joint Strategic Needs Assessments and joint health and wellbeing strategies (Dr. Janet Atherton)

Set F: Making the best use of collective resources (Rob Kenyon)

Set G1: Improving services through more effective joint working (Adults) (Liz Bruce)

Set G2: Improving services through more effective joint working (Children and Young People) (Anthony May)


Can you help?

Rob Kenyon has also filmed a direct message to learning network members and associates, asking for any useful tips or thorny issues that health and wellbeing boards could benefit from taking into consideration.

David Behan’s reflections

David Behan, Director General of Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships, also recorded a video on the day capturing his personal reflections on the work of the National Learning Network and how he hopes the programme will progress.

Staying in touch with the health and wellbeing board team

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