Vision for Public Health England set out

The vision for Public Health England is set out today, with the publication of more details about the new organisation.

Chief Executive Designate Duncan Selbie took up his role this week and has set out his ambition for Public Health England to begin the conversation about how the agency will work, the ambitions it will have and the style it will adopt.

He said:

‘The Secretary of State for Health has made clear his expectation that Public Health England will provide strategic leadership and vision for the protection and improvement of the nation’s health.

‘Through the application of research, knowledge and skills we will lead nationally and enable locally a transformation in the health expectations and, in time, outcomes of all people in England regardless of where they live and the circumstance of their birth.’

Public Health England vision

Further information, including modules of the Public Health England People Transition Policy, will be published in the next few weeks.

If you would like to receive this document in an alternative format, please email

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5 Responses to Vision for Public Health England set out

  1. Barry Cookson says:

    When can we see an organogram for PHE. The three positions are mentioned but it is hard to see how this “stitches together”.

    • PHemmings@DH says:

      Thank you for your comment. We aim to publish the proposed top-level structure of Public Health England in the next few weeks, following discussion with the ‘sender’ bodies that are forming the new organisation.

      Philip Hemmings
      Public Health England Transition Team

  2. Robert Sherriff says:

    Please can we have a single web site for all the Public Health England transition documents. The NHS CB now has:

    For PHE, we have key documents in several different places: (which does not feature the new PHE vision document)

  3. Ben Davidson says:

    Hi there,
    Duncan Selbie emphasises collaboration, communication and valuing feedback – an email address through which this can be channelled would be useful.

  4. Daniel Berry says:

    The Public Health England Transition Team welcomes any comments or questions at:

    Colleagues who monitor this mailbox will pass to Duncan Selbie any messages addressed to him.

    Dan Berry
    Public Health England Transition Team