National programme launched to accelerate learning for health and wellbeing boards

A programme of Accelerated Learning Sets has launched to help emerging health and wellbeing boards to work together on the biggest challenges that face them on their way to statutory running from April 2013.

More than 90 out of 152 emerging health and wellbeing boards from across England are represented in the 11 learning sets. The sets are focused on themes that early implementers have said are of most interest and importance to health and wellbeing board members.

They include:

  • improving the health of the population
  • improving services through more effective joint working
  • making the best of collective resources.

Each learning set will include members from local government and NHS organisations, with a nominated lead, policy lead and appointed facilitator. The peer-to-peer learning approach encourages senior people to share solutions that are already working, shape new solutions and influence national policy makers in the areas that matter to emerging boards and their constituent members.

Launching the new learning sets, Minister for Care Services, Paul Burstow said:

‘Health and wellbeing boards are an essential part of achieving parity between health and social care. They will also help shape public health services around the needs of individual communities, helping to find local solutions to local problems.

‘Today’s event has helped harness the enthusiasm of those that will be leading this change. What is important now is that this enthusiasm and the lessons learned from today are passed on to others in the health service and social care, ensuring that all local communities will see the positive changes to their lives that their health and wellbeing board will bring.’

John Wilderspin, Director of the Health and Wellbeing Board Implementation Programme, said: ‘The learning sets will play a crucial role in bringing together leaders from across the NHS, local government and new clinical commissioning groups. Through collaborating, learning and sharing together, these learning sets have the potential to create a powerful movement of integrated services that deliver better outcomes for local people.’

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