Timetable for change

20 June 2011

The timetable for changes to the health and care system has been amended in response to the NHS Future Forum report, which emphasised the need to get the pace of change right in the best interests of quality and safety. The new timetable aims to strike a balance between maintaining momentum and allowing more time to recognise that some organisations may not be ready to take on their full responsibilities under the current timescales. The proposed new timetable is set out below.

October 2011

  • NHS Commissioning Board established in shadow form as a special health authority

During 2012

  • Health Education England and the NHS Trust Development Authority are established as special health authorities, but in shadow form, without full functions

April 2012

  • The next step in extending the choice of Any Qualified Provider, which will be phased in gradually

By October 2012

  • NHS Commissioning Board is established as an independent statutory body, but initially only carries out limited functions – in particular, establishing and authorising clinical commissioning groups

October 2012

  • Monitor starts to take on its new regulatory functions
  • Health Watch England and local Health Watch are established

1 April 2013

  • SHAs and PCTs are abolished and the NHS Commissioning Board takes on its full functions
  • Health Education England takes over SHAs’ responsibilities for education and training
  • The NHS Trust Development Authority takes over SHAs’ responsibilities for the foundation trust pipeline and for the overall governance of NHS trusts
  • Public Health England is established
  • A full system of clinical commissioning groups is established. But the NHS Commissioning Board will only authorise groups to take on their responsibilities when they are ready

April 2014

  • Our expectation is that the remaining NHS trusts will be authorised as foundation trusts by April 2014. But if any trust is not ready, it will continue to work towards FT status under new management arrangements

April 2016

  • Monitor’s transitional powers of oversight over foundation trusts will be reviewed (except for newly authorised FTs, where Monitor’s oversight will continue until two years after the authorisation date if that is later)

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