NHS Future Forum members

Membership of the NHS Future Forum has been refreshed for its new phase of work, and reflects a diverse range of backgrounds from across health and social care.

This list is not yet complete. We will add more names over the coming weeks.

Professor Steve FieldNHS Future Forum Chair – GP, Birmingham; Chairman of the National Inclusion Health Board

NHS’s role in the public’s health

Vicky BaileyNHS Future Forum joint lead – Chief Operating Officer, Principia, Partners in Health, Nottingham
Ash Soni – NHS Future Forum joint lead – Pharmacist, Lambeth; and Clinical Network Lead, Lambeth
Dr Charles Alessi – Senior GP Partner, The Churchill Practice
Dr Frank Atherton – President, Association of directors of Public Health
Ratna Dutt – Chief Executive, Race Equality Foundation
Paul Farmer – Chief Executive, Mind
Moira Gibb – Chief Executive, London  Borough of Camden
Chris Long – Chief Executive, Hull PCT
Claire Marshall – Head of Physiotherapy, Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Tim Riley – Chief Executive, Tameside and Glossop Primary Care Trust
Tom Riordan – Chief Executive, Leeds City Council
Professor Jimmy Steele – Head of School and Professor of Oral Health Services Research, Nercastle University
Dr Robina Shah – Psychologist with a specialist interest in learning disability
Gill Walton – Director of Midwifery, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Integrated services

Geoff AlltimesNHS Future Forum joint lead - Chief Executive, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Dr Robert VarnamNHS Future Forum joint lead – Practising GP, Manchester
Lord Victor Adebowale – Chief Executive, Turning Point
Sheila Bremner – Chief Executive, Mid Essex Primary Care Trust
Sir Stephen Bubb – Chief Executive of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations
Jane Cummings – Chief Nurse and Deputy Chief Executive, North West Strategic Health Authority
Peter Hay – Strategic Director, Adults and Communities, Birmingham City Council; and President, Association of Adult Social Services
Thomas Hughes-Hallett – Chief Executive, Marie Curie Cancer Care
Mr Dermot O’Riordan – Medical Director and Consultant Surgeon, West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust
Dr Niti Pall – Practising GP, Smethwick; Chair and Clinical Lead, West Midlands Third Wave clinical commissioning pathfinder
Cllr. David Rogers – Chair, Local Government Group Community Wellbeing Programme Board
Dame Philippa Russell DBE – Chair, Standing Commission on Carers
Jason Stamp – Strategic patient and public involvement and current Chair of Hull LINK
Professor Terence Stephenson – President, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health


Professor David Haslam – NHS Future Forum joint lead – National Clinical Advisor, Care Quality Commission and Member, National Quality Board
Jeremy Taylor – NHS Future Forum joint lead – Chief Executive, National Voices
Sally Brearley – Patient representative
Dr Jonathan Fielden – Chief Medical Officer, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
Paul Hodgkin - Founder and Chief Executive, Patient Opinion
Anthony McKeever – Managing Partner, Clinical Commissioning Collaborative; Interim Commissioning Director for PCT cluster covering Luton and Bedforshire
Professor David Kerr – Professor of Cancer Medicine, Oxford University
Joanna Killian – Chief Executive, Essex County Council
Dr Kathy McLean – Medical Director of NHS East Midlands
Dr Shaibal Roy – National Institute for Health Research, CLAHRC for North West London
Mr Francis Wells – Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Education and training

Julie Moore – NHS Future Forum lead – Chief Executive, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Simon Brown – Lead, Huntingdon clinical commissioning pathfinder
Professor Hilary Chapman – Chief Nurse/Chief Operating Officer, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Mr Derek Fawcett – Consultant Urological Surgeon, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
Professor David Fish – Managing Director, UCLPartners
Clare Leon-Villapalos – Intensive Care Nurse, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Sol Mead – Patient representative
Dr Peter Nightingale – President, Royal College of Anaesthetists
Duncan Selbie - Chief Executive, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals
Mr Matthew Shaw
– Orthopaedic Surgeon and Co-founder, Remedy UK

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16 Responses to NHS Future Forum members

  1. Jean Roberts as a Health Informatician and concerned end user of health services says:

    Given that information is one of the four threads to be explored in more detail, it would be pragmatic to have at least one member of the working group on that theme to be a professional health informatician, preferably one with UK Council of Health Informatics Professions registration AND experience in operational information solution desgn, development and delivery. Standards for data are only one part, the criteria for the capacity, competence and capability of those handling/processing/interpreting the data should also be considered in parallel.

    Jean Roberts PhD(Health Informatics), BSc (Computer Science, FBCS, CITP, CEng
    Director (Standards), UKCHIP Board

  2. ruth marsden says:

    Disappointed to see only two patient representatives. (There was only one, before!)

    Also, the patient experience out here in rural areas, far from the capital, is very different. Pity that doesn’t get a look-in.

    It still looks like ‘everything about me without me’.

  3. RoseMary Gott says:

    Why?only two patient reps on this future forum group,also I cannot see the North East represented on the group.We have a lot of rural areas with different needs to inner cities?do we not matter

  4. Norman Howell MBE says:

    Who selected these members?
    Where are the patient representatives,the older persons representatives?
    When will it be recognised that there other cities than London?

  5. Miss Bridget Stephanou says:

    I would like to be considered to sit on the NHS Future Forum. I am currently the Shadow Local Healthwatch (LINk) Rep on our Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board and I feel strongly that such Representatives should have a place alongside all other NHS Future Forum Members, to ensure that the Voice of the People (their local population) should be and is actively heard and actioned upon.

    I also believe that the NHS Future Forum Membership should have representation from people who use Health and Social Care Services and those who are their Carers.

    Thank you so much.

  6. Catherine Lander says:

    While I am pleased that there is a growing number of members, I too am dissapointed at the limited patient representation. I am also concerned at the lack of representative for children’s services, and given all the evidence of the importance of the first ’1000 days’ and the benefits of early intervention this seems to be a great oversight. There is little allied health profesional representation, which is crucial if we are trying to get integrated services and speedier access to appropriate support and habilitation.

  7. Genevieve Smyth says:

    The membership of this group appears entirely random. I agree with the comments about lack of patient and carer representation. Also, where are the Allied Health Professions like occupational therapy? We are the second largest staff group after nursing and still get ignored.

  8. Pauline Buttling says:

    I agree with all the previous comments re the lack of patient representatives and also just as worrying is that of almost no representaion of allied health professions. With the government’s commitment to rehabilitaion and re-enablement this should be a group that has a strong presence.
    In addition it is shortsighted to expect high class education when educators are not represented to lead this workstream

  9. John Harrison says:

    As the future forum is now considering the public health, it is essential that at least one member can represent the working well agenda. The workplace has been widely recognised as having akey role to play in promoting health and wellbeing, contributing to the management of long term conditions and being a key stage for intervention to prevent long-term sickness absence and worklessness. It will be increasingly important for NHS and LA commissioners to recognise the role of the workplace in delivering the public health agenda. I am the Director of NHS Plus, representing NHS occupational health services, some of which provide services to externa; organisations. Other organisations you might consider approaching include the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and the Society of Occupational Medicine.

  10. John Martin says:

    As a member of Derbyshire Local Involvement network LINk, I am very disappointed that there is only one patient representative on the forum. dispite the white paper and the health bill supposedly being patient orientated. I ask why no LINk representation from the regions. This doesn’t look like “nothing about me without me”. One individual cannot possibly give a true representation of patient and public opinion, particularly when only London is represented.

    • David Lindop says:

      I agree with you John, one patient representative?, how can we get the right balance when we in the rural area have no input,(patient representative) we in Derbyshire care and want to help to get things better (we are a long way from London) t

  11. David Lindop says:

    I agree, we need more patient representatives (Lay people), who decides who is suitable for the role? Quaifications I feel, should be common sense, some knowlege of the health service but most important to care about the health service and the patients who use it

  12. Eilleen Tipper says:

    I am a member of Somerset LINk and a lay representative on the Clinical Commissioning Board. I am concerned about the heavy top-down weighting of clinicians (Chief Executives rather than practitioners), the lack of representation of allied health professionals, the paucity of lay representation and a metrocentric mindset which seems to neither know or care that rural communities have different needs to city dwelling groups. Future Forum feels like a biassed group with the capacity to only understand a limited spectrum of need and provision.

  13. David Harris says:

    I notice that some of the members also have positions on the boards of private companies, will they have the best interest of the public at heart or their share holders?

  14. Michelle Burden says:

    The membership appears to be perhaps a little top heavy. Whilst appreciating the vast knowledge and experience these individuals bring, I believe that a mix of professionals from the front line would add an invaluable dimension to the discussions.

  15. Graham Morgan says:

    Our Social Enterprise company works in schools across England and Wales delivering an innovative, preventative programme designed to reduce inactivity and obesity levels rising amongst children.

    How do I get join and contribute to the work of the Children and Young People’s Forum?


    Graham Morgan