New partnerships, new opportunities: a resource to assist in setting up and running health and wellbeing boards

New partnerships, new opportunities: a resource to assist setting up and running health and wellbeing boards

Welcome to the 'New partnerships, new opportunities' work around health and wellbeing boards - a resource just launched by the Healthy Communities Programme (Local Government Association) aimed at all those involved in, or with an interest in, setting up and running effective HWBs. This page will act as a resource to assist in the setting up and running of health and wellbing boards.

It provides the following information:

  • discussion about the main opportunities, challenges and solutions involved in setting up boards and key messages based on these discussions
  • questions to consider when preparing for HWBs
  • case studies showing the journeys of nine boards from around the country
  • a summary of national and regional resources available to support implementation

The information, key issues and emerging messages in the resource came from a wide range of sources. References throughout the publication are to the sources below. They do not claim to be a completely comprehensive picture of how all areas are developing their HWBs. The intention was rather to take an in-depth look at how a number of areas are going about the task. However, we are confident that the examples we give do go some way towards capturing the range of approaches across the country.

Our sources are:

  • nine case studies of areas where preparations for HWBs are generally well advanced. These are mainly drawn from an initial group of 25 councils that worked with the DH to help shape the early implementer network, but also represent a geographical spread, different size and types of council and political control, and a varied range of approaches to the task.

They are:

  • Birmingham
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Calderdale
  • Cornwall
  • Croydon
  • Leicestershire
  • North Tyneside
  • Somerset
  • Wigan

Cllr David Rogers, Chair of the LGA's Community Wellbeing Programme Board said:

"The principles in the report are a starting point for creating the relationships, strong governance and clear objectives of boards which will be needed if boards are going to properly realise their potential.

“Health and Wellbeing Boards will be the vehicle for identifying and addressing local health and wellbeing needs. Elected members have a vital role to play in providing the vision and leadership that is essential in driving real change in the way that services are planned and provided and for providing the ‘glue' to hold together the diverse partnerships necessary to improve health outcomes.

“Though we strongly support the localist agenda, we also recognise that national organisations can contribute by producing resources to help local leaders sharpen their focus. This is the first of a whole suite of tools and resources that the LGA is planning to produce with its partners at national and local level.”

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said:

"I am really encouraged by the fantastic enthusiasm for Health and Wellbeing Boards as demonstrated by this briefing from stakeholders across health and social care. We are at an important milestone in bringing local leaders together to increase engagement with the public, enhance accountability and work together to improve health and care services.

"The principles will help create the effective partnerships needed across local government and the NHS to help communities tackle health inequalities and provide the joined-up thinking to deliver integrated and responsive care in a modern NHS."

This publication was commissioned by the Local Government Association's (LGG's) Healthy Communities Programme. The Healthy Communities Programme is funded by the Department of Health (DH) until December 2012 with one clear aim: to help local government improve the health of their local communities and reduce health inequalities.

Below is the Executive summary of the work done in this area. Additionally, there are case study examples of what has been down around the country so far.

Executive summary

New partnerships, new opportunities: setting up and running health and wellbeing boards - Executive summary (PDF, 40 pages, 760KB)

Case studies

New partnerships, new opportunities - setting up and running health and wellbeing boards - Case studies (PDF, 36 pages, 860KB)

Full body of work (incorporating case studies)

New partnerships, new opportunities, a resource to assist setting up and running health and wellbeing boards - full publication (PDF, 175 pages, 2330KB)

Contents page (page 3) of 'full publication' has clickable links which means you can navigate to sections A, B, C, D or E.

For further information contact Lorna Shaw,

10 January 2012

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