Information for local authorities

The following legislation and guidance sets out the duties of local authorities in relation to private fostering:

If you are a parent or a carer of a child that may be privately fostered, you can find further information on the Directgov website.

Background information on private fostering

In March 2010 the Private Fostering Advisory Group published its report on private fostering, No simple answers, and made a number of recommendations. The Government is considering its response to this report.

In 2009, the Department commissioned the National Children’s Bureau and British Association for Adoption and Fostering to undertake research into private fostering that focused on the children involved and practices of LAs in administrating their duties.

In February 2009 Ofsted published its report on private fostering practices in LAs, which included inspections from April 2007 to December 2008. This report highlights some of the best practice in various areas of private fostering practice.