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In December 2010, local partnerships were sent an invitation to participate in the Drugs and Alcohol Recovery Pilot which aims to explore how to use Payment by Results to further incentivise the sector to deliver recovery. Of the 29 applications received, 16 were short-listed.

Representatives from these short-listed areas were invited to a workshop to talk through the remit of the pilots in more detail ahead of submitting a fuller, second stage application. Full applications were received from 12 areas and 8 of these were of high enough quality and had suitably innovative approaches to be taken forward.

Work on designing the detail of the approaches began in April 2011 in partnership between the pilot areas and central Government through a Co-Design Group. The first challenge was for the Co-Design Group was to agree a more detailed definition of the outcomes. Draft definitions were published for the sector to provide comments between 13 July and 3 August.

Around 50 comments were received by organisations and individuals. They were considered by the Co-Design group and Ministers, and fed into final decisions reached on the definitions. The final outcome definitions were published on 26 October.

The next step was to help pilots develop their pricing decisions. This involved analytical support provided by central government to the pilots to model the likely outcomes for each pilot using historical data. Pricing decisions were finalised in February 2012. The final two months involved work carried out by the pilots to finalise operational details before going live in April.

The programme will be independently evaluated by the National Drug Evidence Centre (NDEC) and University of Manchester’s School of Medicine.

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