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From our pilots – Stockport

A Treatment Provider’s Perspective on PbR Stockport Community Drug and Alcohol Service has faced a number of challenges during the development and implementation of the drug and alcohol payment by results pilot. Matthew Phoenix, Service Manager, explains more about the … Read more → – From our pilots – Stockport

From our pilots – Oxfordshire

The view from Lifeline, the provider of the Oxfordshire Recovery Service ‘I’ve been in trying to get out of [the cycle of addiction] for 30 years, and this has been the only thing which has helped’. Lifeline Oxfordshire was launched … Read more → – From our pilots – Oxfordshire

From our pilots – Lincolnshire

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater… When embarking on any new and untried policy, strategy or system one must be mindful to strike the right balance between maintaining the things that are successful already whilst changing the things that … Read more → – From our pilots – Lincolnshire

From our pilots – Enfield

Four months into the pilot and the benefits of the Assessment and Care Review Team (ACRT is the Enfield LASARS) as an independent care co-ordination service for our patients are really starting to show. Patients have fedback that they are … Read more → – From our pilots – Enfield