From our pilots – Bracknell Forest

Although there have been some teething problems the Bracknell Forest Payment by Results pilot is still progressing well.  Booking in regular reviews can prove challenging and with ever growing caseloads we are trying very hard to make sure that people attend these reviews.

One of the advantages of being a small unitary authority is the strength of our partnership working.  It is easy to adopt a multi agency approach when a lot of agencies are working with the same people for different reasons.  It also means that our interventions can more effective in dealing with underlying issues.

For example we have monthly panel meetings locally looking at accommodation issues.  Staff can nominate people to be discussed by this panel and can attend to advocate on their behalf.  This is particularly useful in terms of people who may need supported accommodation or require support to live independently.

One of the other local initiatives aimed at reducing re-offending is Operation Ladybird.  Targeted joint visits are made by the police and recovery facilitators to offenders who are known to be misusing drugs or alcohol.  These might be people who are in treatment but not engaging fully in the programme, people who have dropped out of treatment or people who have yet to access services.  These joint visits are aimed at increasing engagement and are not used as a putative intervention but to try and over come any obstacles there may be to people using the local services.  People will be offered outreach services for a period of time in order to build their confidence and enable them to be in a position to access the in house services when they feel ready to.

One of the other bonuses of being smaller is the co-location of the LASARS and the Prime Provider.  This means that good communication is easily facilitated and any issues can be discussed at an early stage.   Weekly case management meetings are held between the respective team leaders to discuss problematic cases, people not attending appointments, case allocations and any other issues.

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