Member of public

This section covers what the information strategy will mean for you as a citizen, or member of public. Take a look at the examples of best practice already in place around the country.

Information to help us make the right choices

As citizens or member of the community we will increasingly have useful information available on which services are available and how well they work. This will help us make the right choices.

Information from our care records will be used (with our confidential information properly protected) to improve everyone’s health, to improve care services, to support research leading to more effective treatments, and to ensure money is being well spent on health and care.

  • The Information Centre will develop the indicator portal so everyone can access anonymised primary care data

Access to information about symptoms and services relevant to us

We will be able to use the information portal on the internet to understand our symptoms and identify services available to us.

  • Wellnote by Dr Darzi takes data provided by the NHS and adds value by creating innovative tools and apps
  • People with specific illnesses can access online communities through HealthUnlocked

We will know about local support groups and networks. We will be able to see clearly which organisations and professionals are performing better than others. We will expect health and care services to make information freely available to support accountability.

Take a look at more case studies that relate to members of public.

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