Introduction to The power of information

Good information is an important part of making sure people stay healthy and get the best care. It supports people to know about care and treatment choices and the quality of services.

This strategy is guided by the Health and Social Care Act and covers public health and care and support across England.

The focus is on improving access to information and ensuring the support needed to use and understand it. It is about making sure that everyone benefits equally from information about care services.

The strategy has been split into chapters which also showcase some relevant case studies:

Information about me and my care

This covers the information held within our individual care records. It sets out a vision in which being able to access and share our own records can help us take part in decisions about our own care in a genuine partnership with professionals.

Connected information for integrated care

This focuses on how our health and care professionals can use connected information and new technology to join up and improve services, to inform the decisions they make and to help deliver safer, more integrated care – eg. through faster access to test results in hospitals or by ensuring a care worker gives the right medicines to the right person in a care home.  This chapter also outlines a future in which our electronic care records, built upon meaningful clinical and care information, progressively become the source for core professional data.

Better access to better information

This outlines how we will access information, including a new, single, website ‘portal’ provided by the Government from 2013, and one ‘routine’ number. It sets out moves towards a new culture of transparency, where we will be encouraged to provide instant feedback about services, and where information about the quality and performance of health and care services is easily accessible.

A quality-driven information system

This covers the organisational elements and the culture change that will underpin the strategy.

Making it happen

This sums up the approach and the next steps needed to make the information revolution outlined in the strategy a reality. Above all, the strategy is a framework to support local innovation and empower us all as service users, citizens and professionals to drive change.

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