Patient or service user

This information is relevant to anyone who accesses care or support relating to NHS, public health or social care. There are lots of examples where services are already available. Follow the links to find out more.

Accessing GP records and test results online

By 2015 you will be able to see your GP records online. In time you will also be able to see other records about your care online.

If you want to you will be able to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions online, keep in touch with your health and care professionals electronically, and use IT and online services to find out how to keep yourself well.

Sharing your information with professionals

It will be important that your information is only shared with the people you choose and those who treat you medically and care for you professionally.

Wherever you go for you care services, such as your GP, pharmacist, care home or local A&E, professionals will be able to access the information they need about you to provide safe and coordinated services that work round your needs and wishes. They will have access to important information to make safe decisions – such as any allergies you have, or about the support you need.

  • Residents at Graham Care Homes, as well as friends and relatives, have online access to care plans and daily reports.
  • Renal patients using Patient RenalView can access their latest test results online and share them with whoever they want.

They will have access to my own care plan, my support needs or my expressed preferences at a glance. The results of important tests will be available rapidly and electronically, to provide faster diagnoses and treatment and reduce the anxiety of having to wait.  If I know my own NHS Number, I can help ensure that my care, and information about my care, can be better joined up and more efficiently and effectively coordinated.

Finding useful information through one trusted source

You will be able to find the information you need through a single trusted place. You will be able to use the national information portal on the internet to understand your symptoms and what you can do to manage them, and also to identify services that you may want to approach.

If you need it, you will be able to access support, provided by the NHS or your local authority, which helps you to locate and make best use of the available information.

  • Information prescriptions bring together trusted information from the NHS and voluntary sector about a variety of conditions.

Leaving feedback about services

You will be able to leave feedback about your health and care experiences whenever you use services, in a way which is convenient and feels more like your experience elsewhere on the internet. You will feel confident that your feedback and complaints will be used to improve services.

  • Hospitals in Essex have been trialling new approaches to patient comment including SMS text and bedside televison.

You will be able to access information relating to different services or clinical teams to make an informed choice about your care. You will be confident that the information available through the national portal is of high quality, whether this comes from the NHS, local authorities, national bodies or from trusted third parties, including patient organisations.

  • Patient decision aids also help people make diffficult decisions about treatment options, and support shared decision making.

Trust and confidence in the information system

You will be increasingly confident that, through transparency, increasing amounts of high-quality data on health and care are becoming available. This will include information built from data recorded once in your care records and shared securely.

You will be able to see this leading to improvements in both your own and everybody else’s health and care, and that care services are becoming more efficient, more effective and contributing to better outcomes and helping to reduce inequalities.

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