This section covers what the information strategy will mean for carers, people looking after friends or family members. There are lots of examples where these  improvements have already taken place. Follow the links to find out more.

Authorised online access to records

As a carer you will be able to access to services and health and care records online, according to the access authorised by the person/people for whom you care, helping you carry out your responsibilities safely, conveniently and effectively.

Good information for professionals will ease the burden on you as a carer, making it easier and quicker for you to explain to professionals what is going on and what other services are being provided.

Access to trusted information through a single source

You will have access to the information you need through a single portal to help the person you care for, reducing the complexity and confusion of navigating the system. You will be informed about the options available to the person you care for.

You will know what support is available to you, such as for breaks and financial assistance.

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