The impact of Widening Participation funding

05 March 2013

A report on the uses and impact of HEFCE’s funding for widening participation (WP) shows that there is widespread agreement that the funding provided by HEFCE has had a significant impact upon WP activity and enhanced outcomes.

The report, commissioned by HEFCE from CFE consultants and Edge Hill University, investigates the way in which HEFCE’s funding for WP is used by institutions. This report will provide evidence for the national strategy for access and student success which HEFCE and the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) are jointly developing.

The research has found evidence that the introduction of this funding has helped to formalise and integrate WP work within institutions, leading to a shift in organisational culture and attitudes.

The research notes that systematically evaluating the impact of WP interventions and of the funding has proved challenging for most institutions. Continuing to improve the evidence base for ‘what works’ in WP and better targeting of funding will be a focus of the national strategy for access and student success.

Page last updated 7 March 2013

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