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Re-Issue of Paper Incorporation Certificates

Following an assessment of paper processes, Companies House has reviewed its policy regarding the re-issue of paper incorporation and change of name certificates.

Once a company is incorporated using the paper service, a certificate is issued and can be collected or posted to the presenter. Certificates are posted by 1 st class Royal Mail or Document Exchange (DX). From time to time we do receive enquiries from customers who have not received the original certificate and in these cases a replacement may be issued.

For clarity, from 1st November 2011 Companies House will only consider requests for replacement certificates on the following basis:

  • To allow for postal delivery, requests for replacement certificates will not be accepted until 5 working days after the date the original was issued.
  • Requests for replacement certificates for overseas companies will not be accepted for 21 days from the date the original was issued
  • Requests made for certificates issued over 3 months from date of original issue will not be accepted. These requests will need to be made using the Certificate Ordering Service, which is accessible through the Companies House Direct Service or the Contact Centre. Telephone 0303 1234 500 or email
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