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Patient experiences of Choose and Book

Find out what real patients think about Choose and Book.

In May 2012, Choose and Book conducted a Patient Survey on the NHS Choices website to investigate patients’ experiences of being referred and using Choose and Book.  A total of 1344 completed responses were received; 531 patients were referred via Choose and Book, 489 were referred by other means and 124 patients were not sure.

A full presentation of the outcomes of this survey are available to download.

Mike HitchensMike Hitchens, Patient, Bristol (633Kb, pdf)

"The Choose and Book system is a radical improvement on the old paper system. As a busy professional, I need to manage my time carefully. Choose and Book made it so much easier to book an appointment and made sure that I got one that fitted in well with my busy schedule"

Audrey Bowmaker

Audrey Bowmaker, Patient, Sunderland (190Kb, pdf)  

"I've been absolutely delighted with it [Choose and Book]. I think Choose and Book is much better than the old paper system. It's lovely knowing that you're going to get to see someone and exactly when you're going to see them."

Ken Odoki-Olam

Ken Odoki-Olam, Patient, Sheffield  (268Kb, pdf)

"It has really felt like a service that can accommodate my needs as an individual and not something where I have to fall in line with."

Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne, Patient, London (1.0Mb, pdf)
"All the information I would want to base my decision on is displayed on screen in front of me. It showed me locations, dates, times, waiting times and types of clinic; it made booking my appointment effortless"

Margaret LawrenceMargaret Lawrence, Patient, Canterbury (116Kb, pdf)
"I would certainly recommend Choose and Book to my friends and family. The real advantage is that you know you have an appointment straight away"

Brian James

Brian James, Patient, Canterbury (162Kb, pdf)
"Within a couple of minutes it was all done and dusted, time, place, exactly what I wanted, as simple as that."

Tony FlowersTony Flowers, Patient, Cheshire (1Mb, pdf)
"If Choose and Book means more people turn up for their appointments, then that has to be a good thing.”

Kenneth GratrixKenneth Gratrix, Patient, Cheshire (107Kb, pdf)
"I was impressed that we could choose the hospital and the time and date of the appointment because before we’ve always had to wait and see.”

Bernard HancoxBernie Hancox, Patient, Liverpool (79Kb, pdf)
“I started out thinking it would take forever and a day to get an appointment. Now I know it’s not really like that. Going through Choose and Book has been a wonderful experience.”

Linda Piper