The purpose of the RAIB's investigation is to improve the safety of railways, and to prevent further accidents and incidents from occurring.

Clear and timely publications are an essential part of the RAIB’s operation. The RAIB produces a number of publications, which can be found in this section.

Current Investigations Register

A listing of the RAIB's current investigations, with brief reports on the initial findings from each accident or incident. >more

Investigation reports and bulletins

These documents are published on completion of the RAIB’s investigation. >more

Investigation reports by type of railway

These published reports are listed by type of railway. >more

Bulletins by type of railway

These bulletins are listed by type of railway. >more

Immediate cause database

A searchable database describing the immediate and causal factors associated with an incident. >more

Interim reports

Where appropriate, these reports are published whilst the investigation is still ongoing when there is benefit in making immediate information or progress known to others. >more

Discontinuation reports

When the Chief Inspector decides to discontinue an investigation conducted by the Branch a document stating the reasons for discontinuation will be published here. >more


Annual reports

This publication is produced in September each year and summarises and reviews the RAIB’s activities over the previous annual period. >more