The National Information Governance Board has closed. This website is no longer being updated. Please refer to the home page for further information.

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Privacy statement

The NIGB website is hosted by NHS Connecting for Health. You should refer to the privacy statement on the NHS CFH public website for full details of how the NIGB website operates and how it may collect information about your usage as you browse (see section on "cookies"). Enquiries about how the website operates and the use of information by NHS CFH should be directed to as indicated in their privacy statement.

NIGB Information Collection

You do not need to provide us with any personal details in order to use this website. However, if you contact us via email or using the contact form on the site, we will respond using the contact details you have provided.

NIGB Use of the information we collect

The NIGB Office will use the information you provide to handle your enquiry and provide the information you have requested where appropriate. We will keep you up to date with a newsletter and publications if you have expressly registered to receive them. NIGB will not pass any of your details on to any third parties without your express consent unless this is legally required.